What Is a Public Minecraft Server?

Minecraft servers are among the most popular ways players can play Minecraft multiplayer. To join the Minecraft server, users must confirm that they're blocked or that the Minecraft server is open to the public. The public Minecraft server is available to anyone the number of people who can join. This means everyone who owns Minecraft can access the server's world.

Public Minecraft Servers

Their ideas and works are immortalized in the most popular publicly available Minecraft servers. Each server is a fully-contained world with rules, game design, and community. We've searched for the top servers with everything from stunning views and constructions to worlds with entirely new game rules and modes.

Something to keep in mind is that various servers may use different versions of Minecraft. Many servers have been updated to the most recent version, but most popular servers remain on older versions of Minecraft. Check every server before logging in to ensure you know what you can expect regarding how best to make everything function as it should. Some public Minecraft servers are listed below.


The king over every Minecraft server, Mineplex is no longer at its peak in popularity, but it still offers some of the top games Minecraft multiplayer can offer. Featuring various mini-games, including household classics like Bridges, Speed Builds, and Survival Games. In terms of publicly accessible Minecraft servers, Mineplex is one of the most well-liked ones.



Herobrine is one of the most well-known Minecraft cracked servers, with hundreds of thousands of new joins daily. Since the server is compromised, it has the added benefit of being able to be joined by anyone. This includes even players who do not have an official version of Minecraft.



In Minecraft open servers, very few have a history that is as strong as CubeCraft is among the game's longest-running and most popular servers. CubeCraft has seen millions of players in over ten years and is still awash with thousands of active players. The gameplay is varied, with players able to play many different games on the site, including the most popular among fans are SkyWars Eggwars, SkyWars, and Lucky Islands.


Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a delightful Minecraft prison server with various games, including parkour PVP, roleplay, Lucky Block, and more. This server remains very popular, with thousands of users at all times of the day. It also has a welcoming discord group with more than 50,000 active players.



Hypixel is ruling the Minecraft multiplayer game regarding player count at more than 100,000 concurrently during busy weekends. The public server hosts a variety of games, such as Bedwars, Skywars, Murder mystery, and Duels. Currently, Skyblock is the most well-liked game mode on Hypixel, which accounts for about a 40percent of players on the server.


Opened To The Public

The mentioned Minecraft public servers are open to any player to connect. These servers can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people with fellow gamers.

Published by Jack Gibson on March 02, 2023
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