Top 5 Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

Top Minecraft Servers list some of the best Minecraft Servers for Hunger Games on the internet to enjoy. Explore our list of servers and find a fantastic range until you discover one that seems perfect for you.

In Minecraft servers, servers make many things possible because players can play various game modes. While the usual Creative or Survival and Adventure games are playable, servers are typically utilized for much more.

What Are The Best Minecraft HG Servers?

The top Minecraft server for hunger games typically adds its twist to the game's standard mode. They make custom server plugins to include unique features that will make the game more exciting by using new concepts, mechanics maps, items, and concepts.

MC Central

MC Central server network added the Minecraft Hunger Games variants. The Server network itself has existed for a long time and is now one of the more popular sites for avid players of Minecraft PvP.

It is a server with a wide variety of customized maps of hunger games and its own custom enchanting system in the game. But the main benefit of MC Central for many players is that teams can play in game mode.

This feature adds a different approach to the traditional Hunger Games experience. Players can now work together to win instead of having one man left as the winner, as previously observed.


The Hive

Regarding user base and general recognition, Hive is the most famous Minecraft server. The Hive has thousands of players concurrently and proves its superiority. A different word for the game style used by a few servers and players is compatible with The Hive's Hunger Games mode. Nearly 6 million unique users registered on the server for hunger games that were provided through the Hive network in the past.


Craft Your Town

One of the top Hunger Games servers currently accessible is Craft Your Town. It runs on version 1.18, meaning players playing the latest versions will not have trouble. Although its game types are what is most well-known, the Hunger Games mode is at the top of the list.


The Archon

The Archon is a versatile server with various excellent game styles. It is easy to jump into any game mode they want, including the PvP Minecraft game mode they like, including Hunger Games. It also has excellent textures, which makes your experience more enjoyable.



Phanatic is an excellent option for servers for Hunger Games players. It's classified as an official Hunger Games server, which implies that it's not only an option but an essential point. All players will benefit from this server's Hunger Games mode, which it is delighted to offer. The server is running version 1.15, which is quite outdated.


I Volunteer As Tribute

The most well-liked Minecraft Hunger Games servers are included on this list. The servers on this list have an active community and distinct features and are continuously upgraded and well-known in 2022.

Published by Jack Gibson on March 02, 2023
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