Top 5 Cool Minecraft Servers

The world of Minecraft has become a top-rated game. If you want to play with friends or join a server and want to know where you can find the best cool Minecraft servers, then this article is for you. The game can play on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Minecraft is available in various languages like English, French, and German. Numerous mods add more gameplay aspects to this game.

What Are The Coolest Minecraft Servers?

Many cool Minecraft servers are available on the internet with different features like custom maps, plugins, etc. So here we have compiled a list of the top 5 coolest Minecraft servers:


The TulipsSurvival Minecraft server feels very casual and cool. Most players prefer to live peacefully and tell their stories rather than cause mayhem. You might decide to live alone or purchase goods from their store. You can expect to be banned if there is any trouble. The server has a bad reputation for banning people who troll. This server is ideal for you if you want to make friends and avoid killing everyone.


Lunar Survival SMP

LunarSMP offers a cool server and a lot of player support. The server has many fail-safes, including backups every 4 hours and map fixes whenever an issue is reported. LunarSMP also has an anti-cheat feature to stop players from making it less enjoyable for others. LunarSMP works the same way as other Minecraft servers, but how professionally everything is done keeps people coming back. LunarSMP is an access server to join and an excellent choice for beginners.



TheArchon has been a very popular and cool Minecraft Server for many reasons. TheArchon has many features, including factions, skyblock, and prison servers. Roleplaying is a crucial component of Robbery, Outlands, and Survival, both game modes that involve roleplaying. You can also create factions and work together to make your group dominant. However, there are limitations to preventing people from getting too involved. You must explore and learn on TheArchon before you are comfortable with all it offers.



CubeCraft Games boasts one of the most extensive server networks in the entire world. Because there are so many games, it looks like a server that a large corporation owns. Due to their accessibility throughout the day, the servers can support thousands of players simultaneously. CrubeCraft games get updated every time there's a Minecraft update. You also get great support and a wide selection of games.


SkyBlock Network

This server is the best cool Minecraft server and has everything other servers lack, including beautiful structures, unique mobs, and fun mini-games. This is possible because blocks are constantly flying in the sky. Skyblock players must be careful not to fall. Once you've acquired this ability, navigating the rest is simple.


Too Cool For School

The cool Minecraft servers are excellent. They allow players to join, create their worlds, explore the land, and build anything their hearts desire.

Published by Jack Gibson on March 02, 2023
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