Top 5 Popular Minecraft Servers

There are many Minecraft servers, each in a different size. Since their inception nearly ten years ago, they have been a crucial part of the Minecraft multiplayer environment.

A Minecraft server's popularity and player count indicate its quality. Players will rush to the most well-liked servers because they are the coolest. They also tend to change their play location based on new updates.

What Are The Most Popular Minecraft Servers?

This list shows the most active and popular Minecraft servers players can join. Each server has the most extensive player base and is expected to be online by 2022.


Hypixel is currently the undisputed king among Minecraft Servers. Hypixel is the only server to have reached the milestone of 100,000 online users. The most popular and cool Minecraft server worldwide is Hypixel. Skyblock and Bedwars are two of the most popular game modes. They have consistently produced innovative ideas and entertaining games.



Mineplex has many awesome Minecraft minigames, including Survival Games, Clans, and Bridges. Welcome to one of the most considerable Minecraft servers in the world, Mineplex, where you can play 40+ games, including classics and the best new ones. It's unsurprising that Mineplex is not in its prime, but the server is still alive. Contrarily, thousands of players come daily. It is still the second most visited Minecraft server.



Wynncraft is "Minecraft's largest MMORPG," which has attracted millions of players during its long lifetime. Wynncraft is a game that allows players to create their own stories in an open-world fantasy world. The extensive skill-tree system will enable players to develop skills and complete more than 260 quests. Players also have the opportunity to experiment with thousands upon thousands of unique weapons and items.



The first Minecraft server features exclusive mods, plugins, and textures. Brawl is different from other online servers with community mods. It prides itself in having exclusive content you won't find elsewhere. This server has games, including raids, capture the flag, and zombie survival. You can even create your masterpiece with the dedicated creative mode. Brawl also offers a Party Zone with fun, quick mini-games that you can enjoy.


Grand Theft Minecraft

GTA Online and Minecraft are the most popular online communities. This server knows this fact and offers the GTA world as a Minecraft server. Although there is not much information about the community, exploring the Los Santos locations in Minecraft is worth exploring. You can even explore the underground network. If you want something more, climbing Vinewood Mountain and taking in the city's stunning views is always possible.


The Popular Kid

Now you're ready to enjoy the best Minecraft multiplayer experience with the support of some of the most incredible servers ever created. To expand on this point, we have compiled a list of the top Minecraft servers you need to enjoy online multiplayer gaming. These servers offer everything, from stunning house designs to powerful mod packs that make the game more interesting.

Published by Jack Gibson on March 02, 2023
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