Free Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

Since its launch nearly nine years ago, Minecraft is still one of the world's top famous and loved games. With over 126 million active gamers across the globe, it is no stopping the Minecraft phenomenon.'

What Are The Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting Companies? 

There are various ways to play Minecraft with your friends, but the most effective is via an online Minecraft server hosted. So, it's likely that you're among the players seeking to enhance the Minecraft gaming experience to the highest step by hosting it on a low-cost, quick, reliable, and speedy server with your most loved mods.


Aternos is a no-cost server hosting website that claims it will remain accessible for the duration of time. With 2GB of RAM allotted to its servers, players can enjoy no lag in Minecraft gameplay. The site offers a variety of settings and options for customization on every server, including the number of players and allowlists for commands and custom creation of worlds.

Being with your buddies is among the most enjoyable experiences gamers can enjoy. While the single-player game mode is enjoyable but the game has been available for over 10 years. After a specific time playing single-player could become monotonous for some players after a particular time.



The main focus areas include Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Rust, and we plan to add more games. Their plans are concrete; you can pick one specific to your requirements. Their knowledge of Minecraft lets them offer some excellent ideas, and it is a great spot to find unique Minecraft hosting.


Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is only focused on Minecraft and has 15 servers across the globe, with more to come. Their plans start at a low price with just 1GB of RAM. However, all plans include the option of a customized subdomain. Their main claim to fame is in their extensive support for Minecraft, with an easy-to-use control panel, tutorial videos, and the ability to run Minecraft servers in only five minutes.



FreeMcServer is a second-accessible server hosting provider that gives its users fast and low-latency servers. It provides two free plans which hosts can select. A 1.5 GB RAM variant is available. It also includes mod support, a renewal every four hours, and 10GB of disc space. The second one offers to renew every 2 days with 384MB of RAM, which can extend to 4GB, without queues, and with no mod support.


Server. Pro

Server. Pro is an online server hosting site that offers a few free plans to accommodate players who cannot buy paid plans. With 1GB of RAM available, it could sometimes be slow when many players use it. However, it is generally smooth and fast.


Hosting A MC Server

As you've probably guessed, running a Minecraft server doesn't need to be complicated. The beauty of this is that, since you're in charge, you may be able to decide the level of complexity you'd like to make your Minecraft environment become.

Whether it's a massive server with thousands of players or just a primary server for friends to connect, it doesn't matter. The final choice is yours. Cost isn't the only factor, as you can observe, as there are a variety of ways to could help you recoup expenses.

Published by Jack Gibson on March 02, 2023
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