Best Lifesteal SMP Servers

Lifesteal SMP is now among the top played games for Minecraft. Numerous servers have adopted a thrilling game with its high-risk gameplay style of killing opposing players to increase their power. This can result in an intense PvP battle because players must be cautious not to push themselves too far and be beaten down by the stronger player.

Best Lifesteal SMP Servers

Lifesteal Minecraft server is an excellent location to allow players who are experienced Minecraft players to challenge their skills in a friendly and competitive setting.

Below, we've listed a few of the Best Lifesteal SMP Servers you can find.

Official LifeSteal SMP Server IP and Logo

Official LifeSteal SMP

This is the first official lifesteal smp server! Check the out today using the IP:


A current (1.19) Bedrock server has different game modes. KiwiSMP's most popular offering is its Lifesteal. The relaxed environment and the game's popularity make it the perfect place to experience Lifesteal for the first time.

 Kiwi SMP Server

Jackpot MC

JackpotMC is an excellent mid-hardcore server for players who want the authentic Lifesteal SMP experience, but with some variations. Due to the server's previous emphasis on PvP, the inclusion of Lifesteal has made it among the popular top servers on the market.

Jackpot SMP Server

LifeSteal SMP

Although LifeSteal SMP is a standard plain server, the game has Lifesteal, which is available for purchase Teleporting. Following the usual Lifesteal rules, you can take a heart away from your adversaries to increase your health level. However, unlike other Heartsteal rules, there's no land to claim, and you're therefore always at risk. The server is currently on 1.18.


With Lifesteal with multiple games, HoloMC can be the best option to play the game mode regardless of what platform you're playing. In a more expansive Lifesteal SMP, you can play clans, wars, land claims, and players' shops. Imagine it as classic Survival but with some unique twists in the process.


10LivesSMP is a public Lifesteal server that its predecessor, the Lifesteal SMP, inspired; however, in 10LivesSMP, you can declare war, create clans, and a grief base. 10LivesSMP is a traditional Lifesteal with a few hardcore twists!

Mox MC

First on the listing list is Mox MC, a brilliantly entertaining Minecraft server network that offers a variety of options for games. This includes the Lifesteal mode. It is among the most well-known places where you can play Lifesteal and has been named the top choice by the dedicated Lifesteal website for listing servers. If players get bored playing Lifesteal, don't worry because Mox MC also offers many other exciting games and modes of play.


Lifesteal MC

Lifesteal MC Another server completely committed to Lifesteal mode. LifestealMC promises to give you the best Lifesteal mode experience. It comes with the most custom-coded server base and continuous updates to ensure that the game is always current. In addition, the server is fully compatible with every version of Minecraft. Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, and even pocket edition players can connect to it.

Final Verdicts

Suppose you're searching for a fantastic publicly accessible Lifesteal SMP server to test out. In that case, this list provides not just one but many most popular Lifesteal SMP servers that anybody can join. Thanks for reading our blog, are you looking for more lifesteal smp server? Read our other blog here.

Published by Jack Gibson on January 02, 2023
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